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NUTR& 101Nutrition5 CR NSCIS, F, W, Sp

Develops an understanding of the importance of the science of nutrition and dietary recommendations to maintenance of a healthy life. Students will learn the principles of nutrition as they apply to macro-nutrients and metabolic pathways. Application of vitamins, minerals, and special nutritional requirements at different stages of the life cycle, as well as current issues in nutrition will be considered. This course does not include a lab.

Prerequisite: None

NUTR 298Special Topics in Nutrition1 CR - 2 CR NSCI

Discusses selected advanced topics in nutrition. Students will have a variety of nutrition related areas to research and/or explore.

Prerequisite: By instructor permission only.

NUTR 299Independent Study1 CR - 5 CR

Offers individualized learning opportunities for knowledge or skill development. Content and expectations are established between the student and instructor, and documented in an Independent Study contract.

Prerequisite: By Instructor Permission only.

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