Many opportunities are available for individuals who want to help people, build or repair things, or use technology instead of being confined to a desk.

“Many of our professional-technical students, particularly those enrolled in industrial programs, receive job offers before they graduate,” — LCC President Chris Bailey.   Watch the video

LCC's professional-technical programs feature a range of certificates and degrees designed to prepare people to go to work. Unlike academic programs, which often involve more time in the classroom, professional-technical programs feature lab and field opportunities that mirror the working world.

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Helping People Training

Building & Repairing Training

Business & Technology Training


Helping People

Helping People

Are you interested in a career that involves assisting other people? Would you like to work with children or interact with patients in a healthcare setting? Does law enforcement and the legal system interest you?

If you can see yourself in any of these settings, a degree or certificate in one of LCC's helping professions can help you get there! Select any area below to open the related program of study.


Building & Repairing

Building & Fixing

Do you like to work with your hands while creating or repairing things? Would you rather work around equipment and machines than in an office or cubicle?

If so, a degree or certificate in one of LCC's industrial trades programs might be for you!


Business & Technology

Business & Technology

Are you interested in a career in business or government? Are you drawn to technology, or maybe want to start your own business?

If you answered yes, a degree or certificate in one of LCC’s business and/or technology programs might be just what you're looking for!


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Contact Professional Technical Programs

Registration and Entry Services located in the Admissions Center. Make an appointment to discuss your future by calling the Entry Center at 360.442.2311. Walk-ins welcome during regular business hours.

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Workforce Inquiries

  Dani Trimble, Interim Director, Workforce Programs

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  Lisa Kay, VA Coordinator/SCO

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