Student Clubs, Organizations & Groups

Being a part of a club, organization or co-curricular group is a fun way to make friends, serve the community, broaden your horizons, learn something new or practice what you love.

Below are links to all active clubs. Click any club name or image to access more details.

Build and strengthen your leadership, organizational, problem solving and teamwork skills!


List of Clubs, Organizations & Groups






What's the difference between a club, organization and co-curricular group?

  • Club: student-led group whose program aims at the promotion of a special interest, occupation or field of study.
  • Organization: student-formed group with a larger affiliation to a state or national organization.
  • Co-curricular Group: student group usually led by a faculty member and tied to instruction.

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 Paz Clearwater, Interim Director


 Justin Ford, Coordinator



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