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The Sexualities & Genders Alliance (SAGA) provides students of all sexualities and gender identities a safe and supportive space to socialize, learn, and contribute to their communities.

Weekly Club Business Meetings & Outreach

Our weekly meetings, "The Rainbow Cafe", are held on Tuesdays from 4 - 6pm in the Diversity & Equity Center (Student Center 201) to discuss issues, make club decisions and plan events, including a Coming Out Month in October, and a PRIDE@LCC event in June.

 Please see Student Activities Calendar for scheduled activities.

  More information about SAGA and its events

Mission Statement

Our mission is to work towards creating a safe environment for everyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation, as well as to promote tolerance and acceptance throughout Lower Columbia College and the community. SAGA brings people together to engage in social and educational activities that challenge assumptions and explore ways to build better communities. See Diversity & Equity

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  Meeting Schedule

Meetings held on Tuesdays from 4 - 6 pm in the Diversity & Equity Center located upstairs in the Student Center.


Contact SAGA


  Janell Haynes-Hughes, English Instructor

  (360) 442-2633

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