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"LCC seeks to ensure each learner's personal and professional success, and influence lives in ways that are local, global, traditional, and innovative."

This single statement of mission captures the identity, strength and purpose of Lower Columbia College.

Serving our Community

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“Lives are changed and dreams are realized .....”

The LCC Way

“Student Success is at the center of all we do at Lower Columbia College. We know that if our students success in completing their higher education goals, the whole community benefits.

Our students are the expertly trained nurses who assist your family, the teachers who shape our youngest minds, and the talented welders and machinists who keep our local economy running strong.

We take pride in knowing that so many of our alumni not only stay local but give back to the local community so generously.

We are grateful for the support we continue to receive from individuals, alumni, faculty, staff and local business who believe in the transformational power of education.

You make us LCC Proud!” 

—Chris Bailey, President, Lower Columbia College

—Alex Nelson, Board President, Lower Columbia College Foundation (2016)


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