Guided Pathways Defined

Guided Pathways is a redesign of the college experience for students as we know it today, intended to help more people graduate. Some primary components include "meta-majors" and degree maps; predictable schedules; integrated developmental instruction; progress tracking, support and feedback for all students; and bridges for college programs. There are four primary "pillars" to the approach.

The Four Pillars

There are four essential practices within the Guided Pathways approach.

  1. Mapping pathways to student end goals
  2. Helping students choose and enter a pathway
  3. Keeping students on the path
  4. Ensuring that students are learning

Learn more by reviewing LCC's initial self-assessment on our progress within each of the four pillars.


"Meta-majors" enhance rather than replace individual degrees and certificates. LCC's draft "meta-majors" include:

  • Accounting, Business and Information Technology
  • Arts and Communication
  • Education
  • Health and Wellness
  • Manufacturing, Trades and Transportation
  • Social Science, Humanities and Public Service
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math


Funding for Guided Pathways

Lower Columbia College was selected along with four other institutions in 2018 to receive $500,000 over five-years from College Spark Washington to implement the Guided Pathways approach. The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges matched the grant, bringing the five-year total to $1 million.

Guided Pathways Resources

Patrick Henry Community College

“We have spent the past 55 years making sure our students are college ready. We need to spend the next five making sure our colleges are student ready." - Dr. Greg Hodges, Fall 2018

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Assessing Technology for Guided Pathways

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Guided Pathways


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