Do you like to draw, paint, sculpt or use any sort of art for fun, as a hobby, or just to pass the time?

Do you have an interest in art? You don’t even have to have talent, just a desire to want to learn or have fun with your friends. The Art Club will meet once a week as a group to share and enjoy the meaning of creating through art and building a bond of friendship through communication. 

Painting, Drawing, Sculpting, Photography, or anything else you can think of to create your masterpiece that is hiding inside. The Art Club is your way to learn or continue your training or pick up a new talent and share that little spark inside you that wants out. We want to invite everyone that wants to have fun and learn or expand on what you already know through our weekly meetings. 

Come join the group that wants to learn and share the many facets of art. In the Art Club, we want to learn and share all our talents with everyone. Everyone is welcome to come by and hang out with the club. 

Club Officers

President: Hannah Bussanich

Vice President: Isaiah Parker

Treasurer: Arica Diedericks

Secretary: Skye Lowe


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Art Club Group Photo

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 Michael Kohlmeier, Art Instructor


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