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The Salal Review is a literary and visual arts magazine featuring an inspired collection of artwork and literature by students, community members, and LCC employees!

The Salal Review

The Salal Review helps to further the arts in the Lower Columbia region by providing writers and artists an opportunity to share their work through a collection of the year's best selections.

Student Editors

To be a student editor, students must register for English 124, 125, 126 OR 224, 225, 226. It's a two-credit class that meets on Fridays and can be repeated up to 6 times (hence the six classes). This class also counts toward the humanities requirement in the DTA.

Join the Salal Team!

Salal Review

Be a Salal Editor

To join the Salal Team students must register for English 124, 125, 126 OR 224, 225, 226.

Contact The Salal Review Team

  Amber Lemiere, Faculty Advisor

  (360) 442-2636

  Klint Hull, Faculty Advisor

  (360) 442-2644

  Student Editors

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