Lower Columbia College has instituted a new English Placement called Directed Self-Placement (DSP).

Through videos, charts, and written content students reflect on information about our institution's English course expectations and are asked to evaluate their prior academic reading and writing experience to help determine the best course placement.

Students who plan to earn a degree or certificate at LCC, or who plan to transfer to a four-year institution, must take the placement assessment or equivalent before enrolling.

  Testing Center Hours:

No appointment needed for Placement testing! General Testing Hours: M-Th: 10 am - 5 pm in the Admissions Center Testing Lab. Closed for testing on Friday. If you need accommodations, please contact Disability Support Services, 360.442.2340.

What is Directed Self-Placement?

DSP is a 20-30 minute questionnaire that helps students determine the best English course for their academic path.The questionnaire guides students through videos, charts, reading and writing samples, and asks them to reflect on their prior experience in regards to academic reading and writing. DSP also provides students with institutional expectations to help them make an informed decision about their English course placement. In short, through information and reflection, the student ultimately decides which English course they want to be placed in.

DSP is untimed and ungraded. It is delivered on a computer.

Do I need to study for Directed Self-Placement?

No. DSP does not require students to study beforehand. Math testers are still strongly encouraged to study before taking their math placement exam. Study materials found here.

What happened to the English Placement Test?

ACT Compass announced in 2015 that they would retire their placement tool effective late 2016. Instead of transitioning from one placement exam to another, LCC opted for a more student-friendly method of placement. Through collaboration between faculty and staff, LCC's version of DSP was developed.

Do I still have to take the Math Placement test?

Yes. DSP is only for English placement. Students who wish to take a math class at LCC will need to take a Math placement exam.

Who is required to take Directed Self-Placement?

Students who plan to take an English course at Lower Columbia College need to take LCC's DSP. Exclusions include students who:

  • Have earned English credit through LCC, another institution, or credit for prior learning exam like CLEP, DANTES, etc.
  • Tested at another college, and provide the testing office with valid test scores.
  • Are recent Washington State High School graduates and provide the testing office with valid Smarter Balanced test scores.
  • Are transitioning from LCC's English Adult Basic Ed courses and meet the required grade criteria.

  Although some students may not be required to go through the DSP process, we believe it still provides them with helpful information about what to expect in English 101.

Contact the Testing Center

We look forward to serving you! The Testing Center is conveniently located in the Admissions Center. No appointment is needed. Our hours are M-Th: 10 am 5 pm. Closed for testing on Fridays.

 Angel Ruvalcaba/Program Specialist II

  Admissions Center (Testing Center)
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