Wednesday, May 1, 2019

10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

LCC Student Center

LCC's Career Fair is open to students, alumni, and community members.

Prepare for the Career Fair in the following ways:

  • Dress for an interview
  • Have your resume reviewed at the Career Center prior to April 19
  • Research the companies that will be present
  • Know why you would like to work for them
  • Practice your self-introduction (remember to smile, shake hands, and make eye contact)
  • Rehearse and refine any questions that you may have for employers

Why should I attend?

1) Employers are looking for you!

You selected your field. You paid to train in your field. You studied for two years (or will). You have a passion for the work you do! Of course they are looking for you!

2) Networking is a skill! Practice!

Engage with employers by asking some questions, research and share what you love about the company, and refine your elevator speech.

3) Recruiters can be fun!

Human resource representatives and recruiters know a thing or two about ways to sabotage your chances for employment. Find out what "not" to do.

4) Home is comfortable. Stretch!

Make a goal for yourself (ask 4 questions, talk with 5 companies, apply for 6 jobs, hand out 7 business cards, smile and shake 8 hands). Plan to follow up too!

5) Learn! Lower Columbia College is all about education!

Find out about LCC programs. Learn about the local demand for training. Investigate what employers are seeking!

6) Explore career opportunities!

From present job openings to future career opportunities, let LCC's Career Fair inspire you. Design your future!

Contact Career & Employment Services

Make an appointment to meet with a career specialist through the Career Center by calling (360) 442-2330. Walk-ins welcome during regular business hours.

 Career Services in Admissions Center

  (360) 442-2330

 Ariana Muro, Assistant Director of Workforce & Career Services

 (360) 442-2332

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