Prepare your Resume

Once you've clarified your skills and qualifications, expect to spend time on each and every resume you submit. There is no right way to create a resume, but if it doesn't get you to the interview, something is wrong. Attend a resume workshop to get tips that will spark employer interest in you.

  Sample Resume

Prepare your Cover Letter

Some professionals say a cover letter is not necessary, but if you really care about getting the job, your cover letter will tell an employer as much as your resume does. Find out how to assure that your cover letter addresses the key qualifications your potential employer is seeking.

 Sample Cover Letter

Prepare to Interview

One of the best ways to get comfortable speaking with an employer is to practice interviewing. LCC's Career Connections program allows you to practice your mock interview in the comfort of your home. Choose the sample questions that you believe are most relevant to the field that you are pursuing and create the opportunity to view your communication skills through the eyes of a potential employer. A web cam is required to view your personal responses to interview questions.

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Contact Career & Employment Services

Make an appointment to meet with a career specialist through Registration Services by calling 360.442.2311. Walk-ins welcome during regular business hours.

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 Jacob Aguiar, Employment Navigator