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Apply for Head Start, Early Head Start (EHS) and Early Childhood Education Assistant Program (ECEAP).

Programs designed for low-income families with children aged prenatal to 5 years. Applications accepted year round.

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Please fill out application form completely. All information will be kept confidential. It will be used to help us determine if your family is eligible for services and to prioritize your placement on the waiting list.

If you have any questions about this application, or need help completing it, please call us at (360) 442-2800 or email you!

Why Apply for Head Start?

Watch One Window of Opportunity, an animated video capturing a child's perspective of the vast possibilities Head Start offers, courtesy of the National Head Start Association, then scroll below for our application form and eligibility information

Kids at School

Eligibility Information

Children are eligible to participate if their families are eligible for public assistance.

  • Public assistance means that the family receives benefits or services through the WorkFirst or SSI (Supplemental Security Income) programs.
  • TANF benefits or services include cash payments, vouchers, transportation, job training and subsidized childcare such as Working Connections Child Care (WCCC).
  • Foster children and homeless families also qualify.
  • Ten percent of our families may have income over the FPL (Federal Poverty Level).
  • Children with special needs or who are at-risk are actively sought for enrollment.

We maintain a waiting list when centers are filled, and place children in classrooms throughout the year as space becomes available. Children must be three years old before September 1 to enter preschool classes.


2024 Federal Poverty Level (FPL) and State Median Income (SMI) Guidelines

Family Size Head Start (FPL) ECEAP (SMI)
1 $15,060 $22,536
2 $20,440 $29,472
3 $25,820 $36,408
4 $31,200 $43,344
5 $36,580 $50,280
6 $41,960 $57,216
7 $47,340 $58,512
8 $52,720 $59,820

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