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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Students

Navigate is a student-centered application with many different functions designed to help students on their path to graduation. We want your experience with Navigate to be seamless, so we’ve gathered our most frequently asked questions and answered them below. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, please email us at

Navigate is a tool designed specifically to help you get started as a new student at LCC and keep you on track for graduation. Navigate is available on your desktop, or you can download the app on iOS or Android. In Navigate you can do the following:

  • Complete your new student steps
  • Find your advisor
  • Plan your future courses in Navigate
  • Schedule Appointments with faculty and staff
  • Easily find campus Resources
  • Stay on top of important dates and deadlines
  • Connect with your classmates via Study Buddies

You can access Navigate for students via your desktop by visiting or by downloading the Navigate app on your smartphone.

The Navigate app can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play; just search for “Navigate Student.”

You will need your email login to access Navigate for students. If you don't know your login and password you can retrieve it using LCC's username and password retrieval tool.

Having trouble? First try using the username and password retrieval tool. If you're still struggling, visit us in The One-Stop Center or call at 360-442-2322. You can also send an email to

Yes! The desktop version of Navigate is also available. You can access the desktop version following this link:  

Chrome and Firefox are the recommended browsers for viewing Navigate. 

If you are an International Student, you may need to set your local address for your Apple Store or Google Play account.

Yes! The default setting sends you push notifications for Study Buddy updates and To-Do/event reminders. You can personalize your communications by going to Account > Notification Settings. We highly recommend adding your phone number to also include, or replace push notifications, with text messages and/or emails to your student account. 

The student "To Do" list will is personalized for you and is based on how you answered the Intake survey questions. To-Do items can also vary depending on if you are a new onboarding student or a returning student. If you feel that the To-Do items aren't aligned with your needs, please contact the One-Stop Center by calling 360-442-2322 or by email

When you click the Resources icon, you will get two tabs towards the top: Places and People.

In the Places section, you can search by name or browse by category to explore the different campus resources. Each resource includes a quick description and contact information, plus a map so you know where it's located. You can even favorite a resource by clicking the heart.

In the People section, you can find your assigned advisor(s) and other assigned campus support staff.

When you click the Study Buddies icon, you can connect with other students in your classes who are interested in studying outside of class. You will see a list of your classes and can select the course(s) that you'd like to join or form a study group. Once two or more students want to form a group, Navigate will display an email message that includes everyone's email addresses. 

Student data is uploaded to Navigate on a nightly basis, and therefore, any significant changes to a student's record will pull in overnight and reflect in Navigate by the next business day. If you know a hold is removed (e.g. you paid your student account balance) it is effective immediately and it will no longer prevent you from registering and will show the next day in Navigate. 

Student data is uploaded to Navigate on a nightly basis, and therefore, any significant changes to a student's record will pull in overnight and reflect in Navigate by the next business day.

Advising notes and Appointment Summaries can be accessed by selecting the Reports icon on your Navigate dashboard. In order to see these notes, the advisor must opt for student visibility. 

While Navigate allows you to plan your classes using the Academic Planning tool, it doesn't allow you to register. You can complete class registration using ctcLink.

  • Log into Navigate and select Resources.
  • Select People.
  • There will be multiple support staff, find the staff member with the title Advisor.
  • Click on your advisor's name to see their contact info. 

Most students at LCC have at least three advisors assigned to them: a primary advisor, a liaison advisor, and a faculty mentor. The primary advisor is the advisor who you will meet with on a quarterly basis. 

The one exception to this would be students working towards applying to the Nursing program. They have one staff advisor, who specializes in working with pre-nursing students. 

Some students may have a third, or even fourth, supplemental advisor if they participate in special programs such as Running Start, Worker Retraining, TRiO, Athletics, etc. These programs may have separate expectations for how often they want to see a student, and they will communicate that to them at the time the students begin the program.

Let us know if you need any help along the way!


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