If you completed math placement testing at LCC you may be wondering what your scores mean and how your placement impacts you.

Please read below for a explanation of your math placement.

About Math Placement Exam

LCC’s Math placement exam consists of 4 tests:

  • Entry
  • Fundamentals
  • Algebra
  • Advanced

Don’t worry, you don’t have to take them all!

Students have the option of starting with the Entry test, or the Fundamentals test .

Students can progress to higher placement levels by scoring above 70% on the Entry test and above 75% on the Algebra test.

How Math Placement is Determined

Entry Placement

  • Students who earn between 30-69% on the Entry test are eligible for Math 87, Math 88, Math 105, or Math 106.
  • Students who earn between 0-29% on the Entry test have to complete the Fundamentals test to receive placement.
  • Students who earn between 70-100% on the Entry test have to complete the Algebra test to receive placement.

Fundamentals Placement

  • Students who earn between 0-24% on the Fundamentals test are placed in Math 50.
  • Students who earn between 26-69% on the Fundamentals test are placed in Math 78.
  • Students who earn between 70-100% on the Fundamentals test are placed in Math 79.

Algebra Placement

  • Students who earn between 0-24% on the Algebra test are placed into Math 89.
  • Students who earn between 25-74% on the Algebra test are placed into Math 98.
  • Students who earn between 75-100% on the Algebra test have to complete the Advanced test to receive placement.

Advanced Placement

  • Students who earn between 0-24% on the Algebra test are placed into Math 99.
  • Students who earn between 25-49% on the Algebra test are eligible for Math 141, Math 107, Math 125, Math 131, and Math 210.
  • Students who earn between 50-74% on the Algebra test are eligible for Math 142 or Math 148.
  • Students who earn between 75-100% on the Algebra test are eligible for Math 150.

Understanding where you’re at in the math pre-requisite flowchart is important. This can help you determine your starting point, help you set your sights on your degree’s end goal. Please review the Math Pre-requisite Flowchart.

Note: Math courses Math 50-Math 99 are taken in pairs. For instance, if you test into Math 78, you will take Math 78 and Math 79 in the same quarter.

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