Policy 2.03 - Board Job Description

Policy 2.03 - Board Job Description

The Board shall set the direction of the College and shall represent the public in determining and demanding appropriate organizational performance. To distinguish the Board's own unique job from the jobs of its staff, the Board will concentrate its efforts on the following responsibilities:

  1. Serving as the link between the College and the public.
  2. Enacting written governing policies, which address:
    1. Mission and Objectives: College services, impacts, benefits, outcomes, recipients, and their relative worth (what good for which needs at what cost). Mission and Objectives include College mission, values, vision, objectives, goals and priorities.
    2. Governance Process: Specification of how the Board conceives, carries out, and monitors its own tasks.
    3. Board-President Relationship: How power is delegated and its proper use monitored; the President's authority and accountability.
    4. Executive Limitations: Constraints on executive authority, which establish the prudence and ethics boundaries within which all executive activity and decisions must take place.
  3. Monitoring institutional performance and the President's performance (against Board policies on Mission and Objectives, and Executive Limitations).
  4. Promoting a positive image for the College.
  5. Serving as a link between the College and the Lower Columbia College Foundation to ensure alignment of Foundation activities with Board policies and priorities.
  6. Naming all campus facilities (buildings, parts of buildings, structures and other key campus areas) based on staff recommendations using the guidelines below. Board decisions will be based on compliance with the following guidelines, consistent application of staff policies, and campus/community demonstrated support. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to rename any facility using the following guidelines.
    1. All recommendations will be in compliance with building naming and/or numbering regulations as may be directed by the State or local governments.
    2. Recommendations may consider the location, function, or intended use of campus facilities.
    3. Recommendations may consider individuals or groups to be recognized for significant accomplishment and/or substantial economic donations.
  7. Ensuring institutional compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  8. Executing all other appropriate Board business.

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