Safety First - Report all accidents

 Use the Make a Report Form to report any accident, injury or near miss occurring on or off campus.

Lower Columbia College is committed to the continuous improvement of environmental, health and safety. Meeting this commitment requires continual and confident reporting of all accidents and near misses.

The Safety Committee advises all employees, students, contractors, and visitors to report any potential accidents.

How to Submit an Accident Report

Timely reporting ensures a prompt response.

Please Make a Report as soon as possible, with as much information as possible, including any supporting documentation. Please do not leave any areas on the form blank.

Receive your report confirmation

Once your report has been submitted you will receive an auto-generated confirmation at the email address you provided. You will also receive an email from the Lower Columbia College Safety Committee indicating the date on which your accident report was reviewed.

Need additional assistance?

For assistance please contact Lower Columbia College Human Resources located in the Administration Building (ADM) or call (360) 442-2120 during regular business hours.






Contact Environmental Health and Safety Deparment

  Janel Skreen / Director of Environmental Health & Safety

  (360) 442-2273

  Security Services


  Brian Mack / Occupational Life Safety Specialist