Safe Driving

Every state driver has the opportunity to promote safety on the state's roads by adopting and displaying safe driving habits at all times.

  Safe driving contributes to personal safety as well as to the safety of fellow drivers and pedestrians. Review basic driver safety tips.

Driver Rules and Requirements

Drivers authorized to operate state vehicles or privately owned vehicles on official LCC business (including: employees, students and volunteers) must comply with the following rules and requirements. Please be aware that violating state driver requirements may result in disciplinary action up to termination of employment (DES 12.10.20). Students must also comply with the Code of Conduct while traveling on official LCC business.

Requirements for Driving a State-Owned Vehicle

Requirements for Driving a Personally-Owned Vehicle (POV)

Contact Safety & Security

The Safety & Security Office is located in the Student Center on the first floor (main lobby). To reach a campus security office call 2911 from a campus phone or (360) 442-2911 from any other phone.

  Jason Arrowsmith / Director of Student Conduct and Security Service

  (360) 442-2270

  Nolan Wheeler / Vice President of Administration

  (360) 442-2200