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Providing basic safety training for every LCC employee is a complex and crucial task. For the training to be effective, it must be ongoing, relevant and consistent. LCC strives to provide engaging, professional trainings that support critical safety response and planning skills.

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CPR, First Aid & AED Training

LCC's CPR, First Aid and AED Training is perfect for first-time students and those who have been previously certificated. CPR, First Aid & AED certifications are valid for two years from the date of completion. In this course you will learn the basics of CPR, First Aid and AED use. The current cost of CPR, First Aid & AED Training is $55.00 per student and includes books and certificates.

Contact the instructor to schedule: Brian Mack,

Hands-on Fire Extinguisher Training

It is important that LCC's employees are trained on how to use portable fire extinguishers. LCC provides a hands-on simulated training in a safe environment that allows employees to practice extinguishing a fire. During this training, students will also learn about the different types of fire and appropriate extinguishing media. The instructor will also teach students when it is appropriate to fight a fire and when you should evacuate.

Contact the instructor to schedule: Brian Mack, 

Stop the Bleed Training

Seconds count after a serious injury when major bleeding occurs. Sign up for Stop the Bleed and learn combat proved techniques to stop major bleeding after an accident.

Contact the instructor to schedule: Brian Mack, 

Additional Training Options

Don't see what you are needing? For flexible training options contact Environmental Health and Safety at (360) 442-2273.

Contact Safety & Security

The Safety & Security Office is located in the Student Center on the first floor (main lobby). To reach a campus security office call 2911 from a campus phone or (360) 442-2911 from any other phone.

Director of Student Conduct and Security Services

  Jason Arrowsmith
  Student Center Room 106
  (360) 442-2270

Director of Environmental Health & Safety

  Janel Skreen
  Health & Science Building Room 324
  (360) 442-2273

Vice President of Administration

  Nolan Wheeler
  Administration Building, Rm 203
  (360) 442-2200

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