Social Media at Lower Columbia College

Approved Lower Columbia College social media sites are listed above. Main college social media channels are managed by the office of Effectiveness & College Relations. Department level social media channels are managed by the respective departments. All social media accounts must comply with Lower Columbia College Administrative Policy 810: Employee Social Media Management.

Guidelines for Use

The purpose of the College’s official social media accounts is to provide students, fans, followers, and friends information about our programs, departments, groups, and events.

The College is dedicated to providing a meaningful educational experience for all of our students and we value diversity and inclusion within our community. Visitor posts and comments that are shared on our official accounts do not necessarily represent the school’s views, but we recognize that a thriving academic community is not possible without our students, fans, followers, and friends sharing their thoughts freely with one another on our official social media accounts.

To ensure the interactions on our official social media accounts further meaningful dialogue, we reserve the right to monitor the conversations by hiding comments and/or posts that are or contain:

Social Media Contact

  Wendy Hall, Vice President, Effectiveness & College Relations

   (360) 442-2491

  Web Marketing & Communications Coordinator

   (360) 442-2114

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