Andrew Gomes


Andrew Gomes

Andrew Gomes

LCC Class of 2022
Associate in Arts & Sciences (Music emphasis)

Andrew Gomes

Andrew Gomes is receiving an associate of arts in music, his second degree from LCC. Last year he earned an AA-DTA general transfer degree, and prior to that he received his high school diploma from LCC. In the fall, Andrew will attend Central Washington University, where he intends to earn a bachelor’s degree in vocal performance. After college, Andrew plans to use his baritone and countertenor vocal skills to pursue a career in opera or musical theater. Andrew received LCC’s 2022 Outstanding Drama Student award.

He is a 2022 Scholastic Achievement Award winner.

About Scholastic Achievement Awards

Lower Columbia College does not designate a valedictorian. Instead, we recognize a small number of students with the highest grade point averages and most rigorous coursework in three categories: baccalaureate, academic transfer, and professional/technical. Award winners are recognized during commencement.

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