Carol Byman

Carol Byman

LCC Class of 2019
Associate in Arts - Direct Transfer Agreement

Carol Byman: Scholastic Achievement Award Winner Headed to Central Washington University to Study Music Education and Violin Performance.

Carol is a Running Start student who is receiving an Associate in Arts degree as well as a high school diploma. She is transferring to Central Washington University, where she intends to pursue a degree in music education and violin performance.

“I hope to establish a career in teaching music to secondary level students, including helping them find a place for music in their lives,” she said.

When she isn’t working or studying, Carol enjoys reading for entertainment. At LCC, she particularly enjoyed taking Spanish with Alex Emerson and American Literature with Hiedi Bauer.

Scholastic Achievement Awards are presented to the students graduating with the highest grade point average and most rigorous coursework in academic transfer and professional-technical programs, in lieu of a single valedictorian. LCC’s four Scholastic Achievement Award winners for the year will be recognized during the commencement ceremony on June 21.

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