Krista Brown


Krista Brown

Krista Brown

LCC Class of 2022
Associate in Nursing DTA/MRP

Krista Brown

Krista Brown received her associate in nursing degree from LCC in the fall. She is currently pursuing an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) residency at St. Clare Hospital in Lakewood, Washington. Krista recently returned from a ‘Helps International’ medical mission to Guatemala, where she assisted a team of eye surgeons. Her short term goal is to work as an ICU nurse. Ultimately, Krista hopes to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and become an international aid worker. Krista received LCC’s Fall 2021 Excellence in Nursing award.

She is a 2022 Scholastic Achievement Award winner.

About Scholastic Achievement Awards

Lower Columbia College does not designate a valedictorian. Instead, we recognize a small number of students with the highest grade point averages and most rigorous coursework in three categories: baccalaureate, academic transfer, and professional/technical. Award winners are recognized during commencement.

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