Monica Vera

Monica Vera

Class of 2017: Education

“You’ll never know, unless you try.”

Monica is the first in her Latino family to attend college.

Being a first generation student can be challenging. Monica has had to help her parents understand the time and commitment it takes to earn a college degree. In addition, she’s done some coaching with the whole family on the overall benefits of college.

“It can be hard,” she said, “to help people understand why you aren’t home to help out more.”

Monica is completing her second associate’s degree and planning to attend the University of Washington Seattle in the fall, where she hopes to major in Family Studies and/or Early Childhood Education. Eventually, she hopes to have a career advocating for children and families.

Monica’s success at LCC is making a significant difference in her family. The oldest of five siblings, Monica has already had one sibling follow her to college. Her sister, who is interested in psychology, is currently working on a transfer degree from LCC. A brother plans to attend after graduating from Mark Morris next year.

Most of all, she recommends that people assume they belong in college rather than the other way around.

“You’ll never know,” she says, “unless you try.”

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