Perrin Zahn

Perrin Zahn

LCC Class of 2019
Associate of Applied Science in Machine Trades, Certificate of Proficiency in Computer Numerical Control

Perrin Zahn: Scholastic Achievement Award Winner and 2019 Outstanding Student Award for Machine Trades

Perrin is receiving an Associate of Applied Arts in Machine Trades and a Certificate of Proficiency in Computer Numerical Control. He was named the 2019 Outstanding Machine Trades student by LCC faculty.

Perrin’s interest in mechanical devices and design began at an early age. While in a robotics program in high school, he became interested in Computer Aided Design (CAD) and used the program to design an all-directional drive system. “It was a single wheel mounted on a rotation carriage made to allow an autonomous robot to drive without turning. Think Amazon warehouse,” he said. Perrin saw his work come to life in one of LCC’s labs, where he was able to build the system he designed in high school.

He credits LCC’s Machining and Welding instructors with bringing their “real world” experience to the students at LCC. “There’s a lot you can learn outside of classes, which really helps you get into a job faster,” said Perrin.

Scholastic Achievement Awards are presented to the students graduating with the highest grade point average and most rigorous coursework in academic transfer and professional-technical programs, in lieu of a single valedictorian. LCC’s four Scholastic Achievement Award winners for the year will be recognized during the commencement ceremony on June 21.

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