Due to precautions related to COVID-19, please note the following information:

Precautionary Measures:

  • In person testing is available, but all testing must be scheduled ahead of time using this link: https://www.registerblast.com/lowercolumbia
  • All in-person testers must check in at the North Entrance of the Main building and complete a Health Screening.
  • Testers must be masked at all times during the check in process, and testing.

Ways to reach us during this time:

The Test Proctoring Center provides a supervised testing environment for currently enrolled LCC students who need to take an assigned test in a supervised environment.

If you are a non-LCC student or a local business and community member who needs to take a test, please see Testing Center.

  Important notice about relocation

Test Proctoring has moved back to Main! You can now find us in Main 128.



Mon - Thur: 8 am - 5 pm

 No Cell Phones or Smart Watches Allowed


Monday - Thursday: 8 am - 5 pm

Friday: Closed

 No Cell Phones or Smart Watches Allowed

Frequently Asked Questions

Photo ID, instructor name and class number required.

Most courses have designated dates for taking tests. Check with your instructor. If there is a question regarding your test, you need to speak with your instructor. The staff can only follow the instructions given by the instructor.

It is your responsibility to take your test in a timely manner. Please plan ahead. Don't wait until the very last day.

Some tests are done on a computer. Typically, no appointment is necessary. However, on busy test days, all computers may be in use. If you need a computer on a particular date and time, please call (360) 442-2360.

The amount of time you have to test is up to your instructor. The staff will record your start and end time. You’ll be responsible for monitoring your own time. It will be up to your instructor to determine the consequences if you exceed the time limit. All tests are collected at closing time. No extra time is allowed.

In the event the testing room is full, you will be asked to sign in and wait for an available seat.

It is your responsibility to take your test in a timely manner. Please plan ahead. Don't wait until the very last day.

Your instructor will give the staff clear instructions on whether you can use notes, a note card, calculator, open book, etc. for the test. You will be asked to leave backpack, book bags etc. in a designated area during testing.

  No cell phones allowed.

In the event you do not follow specific instructions, an incident report will be attached to the test. Your instructor will determine the consequences.

If you are observed referring to a cell phone or otherwise cheating, the test will be stopped and an incident report will be attached to the test and forwarded to the Vice President for Student Services.

Contact Test Proctoring

Test Proctoring Center

  (360) 442-2360

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