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NEW! Professional Vocational Relationships

  April 3, 2017; Online

Examines the legal and regulatory frameworks of practical nursing. Presents concepts of effective communication in health care settings among employees and employers. Explores conflict resolution and teamwork strategies. Discusses professional boundaries, stress management, chain of command, and professionalism as it relates to the licensed practical nurse role and scope.

This course fulfills the Washington State requirements for professional relationship content for those applying for licensure as a practical nurse in Washington State.

Instructor Annette Ward has taught at LCC for 12 years. Her specialties include management, ICU and LPN student bridge course at the Community College of Southern Nevada.

  Registration required. This course is delivered online using Canvas and may be started at any time prior to June 2, 2017. Fee is $125

MIss the deadline? No problem. This course will be offered each academic term.


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