Math Boot Camp can help you score higher on your Math Placement test!

Save time, money and stress with this specially designed, student-friendly, refresher math class!

Math Boot Camp will review basic math concepts and help familiarize you with LCC's online math lab. You will practice study skills and review testing strategies. Math Boot Camps are designed and led by LCC math instructors.

Here's what students say:

“I am happy to say I reached the goal... thank you for being a great teacher and helping me reach my goal.”

“Good news! We both scored into math 141 today. You were a life saver and saved both of us $600!”

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It depends how you feel about your Math Placement Test results.

Do you feel like you could test better if you had more practice? Math Boot Camp can help you refresh and better prepare for your math placement test. In some cases, all you need is one or two more correct answers to get placed into a higher math course!

Skipping an entire quarter of math can save you $554!

Skipping an entire quarter of math can save you $554!

Using current in-state tuition rates, placing higher and avoiding one quarter of math can save you up to $554.

Oregon border residents can save a total of up to $600.00 Moving ahead two math placements can save you over $1,100!

We see a lot of people who have been removed from math for a number of years.

Math Boot Camp is a great way to help these students refresh their math skills and avoid placing lower than their actual math skill level.

Math Boot Camp is designed to help math testers who are struggling to remember basic math concepts.

Some students feel daunted by basic math concepts. Most often this is due to lack of use and practice.

Math Boot Camp does a great job helping students get reacquainted with basic math concepts, while helping navigate the MyMathLab testing software.

MyMathLab plays an important role in students' math experience at LCC. It is used to test students as well as in the classroom once a student enrolls in a math class.

Math Boot Camp is designed for students who need to refresh their basic math skills – not students who are trying to test into higher math levels.

Advanced level math testers who wish to review more advanced math concepts can enroll in YouPrep, a free online math placement preparation course created by LCC faculty. It helps with the review of whole numbers, integers, decimals, fractions, linear equations and graphs, systems of equations, factoring, quadratics, radicals, and rationals.

Learn more about YouPrep

Taking your math placement test before Math Boot Camp is preferred, but not required.

It is always a good idea for yourself, and for the instructor at the Math Boot Camp, to know what your math level is before setting placement goals. Since the Boot Camp is goal-oriented, it is a good idea to set achievable goals based on your first test attempt.

Math Boot Camp attendees will also receive an additional math placement re-test. This gives you a total of 3 tries to place into the math course you want.

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