Continuing Education provides opportunities for individuals, businesses and organizations to pursue personal and professional training goals.

Corporate Training provides ongoing support and training for businesses who wish to enhance the professional and personal growth of its workers.

Workforce Training provides employees and job seekers with the knowledge and skills they need for employment.

Jobs & Employment

To our Job Seekers: Lower Columbia College has gained national recognition for our efforts in student success. We offer exciting opportunities to make a positive impact on student learning and our community including participating in campus and community activities, professional development, and collaborating with other faculty and staff.


Career & Employment Services including job search assistance, career counseling, and career resources are available to community members, students and alumni.

Rental of Campus Facilities including rooms, classrooms, conference rooms, seminar rooms, lobby areas and more is available to community members and non-profit organizations.

Safety and Security works to ensure a safe and orderly environment in which students and community members can pursue individual education goals within the facilities and grounds of the public campus.

Lower Columbia Regional University Center provides an innovative partnerships with four-year universities to provide students with a convenient way to earn a bachelors, masters or doctoral degree on the LCC campus.

Worker Retraining providing state funded job trained and employment services to dislocated and unemployed workers to help them get started on a new career.

For information on the use of campus facilities for Expressive Activities, please review our Expressive Activities Guidelines.


Lower Columbia College Foundation, a tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, works to advance the mission of the college by providing financial assistance, encouraging public support, and strengthening the teaching, learning and cultural environment of the college. Opportunities for alumni engagement, planned giving, employee giving, scholarship and fund giving are available and encouraged.

International Programs strives to increase cross-cultural understanding across the campus and in the community. Activities include supporting international students, sharing US culture through exchange programs, hosting students visitors and delegations, and supporting efforts for campus internationalization.

Multicultural Events including yearly cultural and intercultural festival and fairs open to families, students and community members that focus on diversity, equity and engagement.

Professional & Technical Advisory Committees consisting of local business and industry professionals who offer support to students and instructors on the local job market, employer needs, and community opportunities.

Arts & Entertainment

Authors & Lectures featuring thought-providing authors, lecture series and world-renown speakers.

Forsberg Art Gallery featuring a variety of artists and mediums, regular exhibits of student and faculty work, and the Minthorn International Gallery of Chinese art.

Performing Arts including quarterly musical concerts, plays, and screen broadcasts of acclaimed British stage productions.