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Career Connected Learning focuses on increasing the opportunity for real-world learning experiences that connect youth to meaningful and well-paying jobs.

CCL, an intiative of Washington STEM, focuses on science, technology, engineering and math education in order to better connect our education system with a rapidly changing and increasingly diverse job sector

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Programs and Outreach

Please scroll down to see opportunities for high school students, as well as local business and industry professionals.

CTE Dual Credit ~ formerly Career Pathways/Tech Prep

CTE Dual Credit is a partnership between college and high school programs designed to guide local students into high-skill, family-wage careers with local industries.

High school students earn dual credits by enrolling in career and technical education classes (CTE) at their local high school. Once students graduate from high school and arrive at LCC, those classes are transferred as professional technical credits, meaning high school students can earn college credit for high school classes, without leaving high school or doing additional homework!

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Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education builds affiliation agreements with local businesses. The agreements create the opportunity for students to build their resumes prior to completion of college.

Many employers require a certain level of education along with experience. Cooperative Education provides provides both. The education is attained by completion of a certificate or degree. The experience is attained by completing an internship.

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Advisory Committees

Professional-Technical and K-12 Advisory Committees provide support and advocacy for quality, up-to-date programs.

Advisory committee members are local business and industry professionals. They are given the opportunity to learn more about LCC's programs. They offer support to our students and instructors by advising the college of the local job market, employers' needs, advancements in technology/equipment, and community opportunities.

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Offices located in the Physical Science Building. Office hours vary depending on activities. Please call for an appointment.

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Corporate Partnerships & Training

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