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ctcLink Resources for Students

Please email Wendy Hall at whall@lowercolumbia.edu if you are interested in online ctcLink training (be sure to include the email address you use for Canvas in the request).

Screen reader mode update

The "Enable Screen Reader Mode" option at the ctcLink login page does not automatically activate! The state team is working on a permanent fix, but until then screen reader mode must be enabled manually. Visit the Enable Screen Reader Mode page for instructions.

What students do in ctcLink

  • Register for classes
  • View class schedule
  • Add, drop or swap classes
  • Manage personal information
  • View unmet graduation requirements
  • Get messages and notifications
  • View grades and unofficial transcript
  • Pay tuition and fees
  • Manage financial aid

ctcLink ID number

In ctcLink, every student and employee is assigned an ID number, called the ctcLink ID or "EMPLID." The ctcLink ID replaces the SID, also called the "900 number."

The first time you go into the ctcLink system, you will select "First Time User" to activate your account. In addition to creating a password, you will set up three security questions that you will have to answer if you forget your password. Please make a note of your new number while setting up your account since it will only display once. After that, you will have to use the retrieve ID webpage to look up your number.

Organization of Student Self Service Functions

Within ctcLink, information is categorized into a series of "tiles." Every student should have a number of "tiles" on their homepage in the new system.

The ctcLink Reference Center contained detailed instructions and more information about each of the functions available for students.

See button below for a list of functions available within each "tile." For a downloadable handout about Student Tiles, see red button at bottom of page.

Profile Tile

  • Personal details
  • Contact details
  • Addresses
  • Emergency contacts
  • Ethnicity
  • Privacy restrictions

Task Tile

  • Review or complete "to do" lists
  • Review holds

Message Center and Tasks Tiles

  • Review messages and notifications

Manage Classes Tile

  • View class schedule
  • View exam schedule
  • Review enrollment dates
  • Search for classes and enroll
  • Enroll in classes by program requirements
  • Shopping cart
  • Drop, update and swap classes
  • Browse course catalog
  • Manage class planner (add or move courses to another term)

Academic Progress Tile

  • Review academic progress
  • Use "What-If" Report (shows simulated academic advisement report for what would happen if a student changed their program of study)
  • View advisors
  • View advising notes (note: LCC uses Navigate for advising notes)
  • Apply for graduation
  • View graduation status
  • View expected graduation term

Academic Records Tile

  • Course history
  • View grades
  • View unofficial transcripts
  • View and evaluate transfer credit report (for credits transferred in from another institution)
  • View milestones

Financial Aid Tile

  • Review award year information
  • Review award summary
  • View disbursement dates
  • Accept awards
  • Decline awards
  • Review "Satisfactory Academic Progress" (SAP) status
  • Review LCC's SAP policy

Financial Account Tile

  • Review tuition and fees
  • Review account balances
  • Make payments
  • Review account services, such as 1098-T (tax information)

View or Download Student Tiles Handout

Contact ctcLink Team

  Wendy Hall, Vice President, Effectiveness & College Relations

   (360) 442-2491

  Nichole Seroshek, ctcLink Project Manager/Business Process Analyst

   (360) 442-2113

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