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Join a Lower Columbia College Advisory Board and Help Make a Difference!

Professional/Technical Advisory Board volunteers help plan the training for our future workforce. The advice and perspective of local advisory board members can help ensure students are learning the most current skills needed to be successful. Bringing employers and educators together on program-specific Advisory Boards provides a format for sharing information and ideas.

Advisory boards are made up of volunteers who give of their time, talent, and expertise to help improve and update professional-technical programs. These boards usually serve specific occupational training programs skills centers as well as technical and community colleges.

Advisory Boards

  • Provide information to update, modify, expand and improve the quality of LCC’s Professional/Technical programs
  • Support and strengthen partnerships between business, labor, community and education
  • Make recommendations that will strengthen and expand prof/tech curriculum
  • Assist in community-focused activities that help students understand business and industry needs and how they can be successful in their chosen career path
  • The guidance and advice of local advisory board members can help ensure students are learning the most current skills needed in the workplace
  • Provides an open forum for sharing information and ideas
  • Creates a stronger community when business and education partner for our future workforce
  • You will be guiding the direction of the education of your workforce to meet your company and your profession's needs
  • You will have an inside track to hiring well educated employees
  • You will help the college to be a good steward of the tax dollars that you and your company pay to the state
  • You will have the personal satisfaction of knowing your knowledge and expertise have been recognized and that you have made an investment in the future of your profession and your community

Advisory Member Commitment

  • Advisory Board members meet 2x/year with faculty for about 1 to 1.5 hours
  • Meetings are held according to individual schedules as much as possible to allow for as many participants as are interested
  • Come open-minded, ready to listen and also prepared with ideas, questions and your observations about what is needed to help our students be successful in their chosen career
  • Minimum of 5 board members present to have a complete meeting

Advisory Boards Can Help Us Answer

  • Are students being prepared for the future job market?
  • What should the training include?
  • Is curriculum and equipment training adequately addressing industry needs?
  • Do course and program competencies and performance levels meet industry standards?
  • What industry validated credentials are available within the career pathway?

About Us

We have several Professional/Technical opportunities available at Lower Columbia College. These program-specific Advisory Boards are a great way to get involved and help your community.


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