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Manufacturers across the United States are in need of skilled production operators and technicians with the skills to run and service sophisticated machinery. Manufacturing industries include metals, plastics, wood products, solar panels, biofuels, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, semiconductors, and more! In this program, you will learn the principles aimed at maintaining safety, improving quality, eliminating waste, and reducing the impact of industrial operations on the environment.

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Career Paths

Manufacturing jobs make up about ten percent of the workforce in the United States. Within this path, you will find a wide variety of long-term career opportunities with competitive wages.

  • Pulp and paper production
  • Wood and lumber production
  • Industrial machinery maintenance mechanic, millwright
  • Glass bottle production
  • Steel production
  • Chemical plant operator
  • Biomass plant technician
  • Food processing
  • Wind turbine service technician
  • Aerospace engineering and operations technician
  • Electrical and electronic engineering technician
  • Fuel cell technician
  • Gas plant operator
  • Hydroelectric plant technician
  • Semiconductor processor
  • Welding, soldering, and brazing machine operator


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Skills & Abilities

  • Blueprint reading
  • Machining
  • Computer applications
  • Industrial safety
  • Quality assurance
  • Industrial hydraulics
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Process control systems & equipment
  • Electrical theory, controls and motors
  • Welding

Certificate and degree options

Students who attend full-time can earn a fundamentals of manufacturing or process manufacturing certificate in three quarters or less (one academic year) and an associate degree in advanced manufacturing technology in three additional quarters (two academic years total).

Apprenticeship Pathways

Use the skills you gain in this program to enter an apprenticeship pathway in one of many fields, including aerospace and manufacturing, industrial maintenance millwright, industrial manufacturing technician, precision metal fabrication, tool and die maker, plastic process technician, production technician, boilermakers, operating engineers, machinists and aerospace workers, steamfitters and pipefitters, ironworkers, or sheet metal workers.

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