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Whether the economy is weak or strong, the vast majority of people need a high school diploma plus a postsecondary credential to earn a living wage.


Earning a college credential doesn't have to mean spending a fortune or moving away. There are many advantages to attending a community college in your area:

  • LCC has no application fees or minimum academic requirements for admission.* That means that when you apply, you will be accepted!
  • The majority of LCC students qualify for financial aid, and all current and prospective students are encouraged to apply for scholarships. LCC typically gives out more than $300,000 in scholarship aid every year!
  • Many students can count credits earned in high school toward a degree or certificate at LCC, saving both time and money.
  • Earning a work-ready credential such as the Multicraft Trades Certificate can take nine months or less, depending on how many high school credits transfer.
  • Community college tuition in Washington is about half the average rate for universities. Living at home brings additional savings.
  • Community colleges offer a wide variety of math and English levels to meet the needs of all students. If you are reluctant to go to college because you are concerned about those subjects, we invite you to learn more about the support and options LCC has to offer.

You may have already earned college credit!

Many high school classes transfer directly to LCC if you earned a "B" or better.

Search by your school district and find out if you're already on your way to a degree or certificate.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people with more education earn higher wages and are less likely to be unemployed.

Check out LCC's job market pages to view data and information about our programs, including average salaries, job postings, employment trends, top occupations by income, and more.

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Download the Pathways Document (accessible version)
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*Programs at LCC with selective admissions include nursing, medical assisting, and Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) programs.

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GraduationPlus is a collaboration between Lower Columbia College and local school districts to help more students achieve the dream of going to college and entering rewarding and productive careers.

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