International students love our 2+2 option. It saves them money and provides a direct transfer to their chosen university.

Our graduates transfer to top public and private universities across the country.

2 + 2 University Transfer

Benefits of 2+2

  • Open Access: LCC is an open access college. We do not restrict or limit enrollment.
  • Low Cost: LCC has much lower tuition and living expenses than four-year universities.
  • Pathway to University: Doing well at LCC helps you easily transfer to a top university.
  • Student Support: LCC offers personal and individual assistance to help you successfully transfer.

Direct Transfer Agreements

LCC agreements for transfer include:

  • University of Washington
  • Washington State University
  • Western Washington University
  • Central Washington University
  • Eastern Washington University
  • The Evergreen State College

Dual Admission Agreements

Admission to LCC and university at the same time:

  • Pacific Lutheran University - also offers 2+2+1 (2 years LCC, 2 years BBA, 1 year for Master's degree)
  • Eastern Washington University
  • Texas Wesleyan University
  • Washington State University - Vancouver
  • University of Huston - Victoria

Where do our graduates transfer?

  • Dartmouth College, NH
  • Stanford University, CA
  • University of Chicago, IL
  • Rochester Institute of Technology, NY
  • University of California, Berkeley, CA
  • University of California Santa Cruz, CA
  • University of Southern California, CA
  • California Polytechnic, CA
  • University of Texas, Austin, TX
  • Texas A&M University, TX
  • Northwestern University, IL
  • University of Wisconsin , WI
  • Duke University, NC
  • North Carolina State University, NC
  • University of Massachusetts, MA
  • SUNY Albany, NY
  • Brigham Young University, UT
  • University of Washington, WA
  • Arizona State University, AZ
  • Oregon State University, OR
  • University of Oregon, OR
  • Washington State University, WA
  • George Washington University, DC
  • Seattle University, WA
  • Colorado State University, CO
  • Indiana U Purdue University, IL
  • Tulane University, LA
  • and more!

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