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May 29, 2018

Jake Klopp was inspired to earn a degree in business by a manager who went out of their way to make life better for him and everyone else in the organization.

A native of Kelso, Klopp will receive an Associate in Business-Major Related Pathway degree from LCC in June. He is the recipient of a Scholastic Achievement Award, reserved for LCC's highest achieving graduates in terms of grades and academic rigor.

Jake also received the 2018 Outstanding Business Transfer Student of the Year award, selected by Business & Information Technology faculty.

“Jacob is an articulate, quiet and unassuming person that contributes when others are unable to solve a problem. He brings clarity to issues for the rest of the class,” — Jim Stanley, accounting faculty.

In the fall, Jake will transfer to Washington State University Vancouver. He plans to earn a baccalaureate degree in business there.

“I want to have a positive influence on people and make a difference. I decided that a business degree would be the first step in that process. In the future, I plan to lead in such a way that inspires people and brings them together,” — Jacob Klopp.

In addition to his business classes, Jake also enjoys advanced math.

“When you get into higher math, you get to peek at the structure that underlies everything. It's a language we've developed to describe the natural world, and presents a puzzle. I'm always up to solve a problem when one is presented,” — Jake Klopp.


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