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September 12, 2018

The Lower Columbia College (LCC) Foundation is naming the water feature and surrounding stone circle seating area near LCC’s Anderson Family Pavilion in honor of Dr. Vernon “Pete” Pickett’s distinguished service as President of Lower Columbia College from 1980-1997.

Prior to accepting the Presidency position at LCC, Dr. Pickett served as Vice President at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  While President at LCC, Dr. Pickett led the college into the age of digital technology including upgrading the campus phone system, providing computers for staff, implementing the first computer lab in an educational institution in Cowlitz County and the first Head Start building at LCC. Campus expansion continued with the addition of the current Student Center, the Don Talley vocational building, the campus maintenance building and purchase of the Administration Building.

It is an honor to recognize Dr. Pickett for his outstanding service and leadership at LCC. — LCC Foundation Chair Rich Gushman

 After serving LCC for 17 years, Dr. Pickett was granted President Emeritus status. Dr. Pickett and his wife, Karen, remain connected to the mission of the college and regularly attend both LCC and LCC Foundation events on campus. They are members of LCC Foundation’s Wertheimer Society, the planned giving society,  and remain active in the LCC Retiree Association. Their philanthropy includes supporting the Student Success Fund, Athletic Excellence and areas of greatest need.

Karen Pickett, Kendra Sprague and Pete Pickett
L to R: Karen Pickett, Kendra Sprague, and Pete Pickett


Dr. and Mrs. Pickett’s humble generosity and support of LCC’s mission is an inspirational example of public service.” — LCC Vice President of Foundation, HR & Legal Affairs Kendra Sprague

“LCC is a great institution and one I was privileged to be a part of for 17 years. I’m impressed of the progress that the college continues to make.” — Former LCC President Pete Pickett

“LCC is fortunate to have had the opportunity to grow and thrive under Dr. Pickett’s dedication, service and leadership. It’s been wonderful to get to know Pete and Karen on a personal basis. It is a pleasure to dedicate this space in honor of Dr. Vernon “Pete” Pickett.”
 — LCC President Chris Bailey



 Pickett Plaza
Pickett Plaza


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