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Dear Campus Community:

As a society, we are currently dealing with the triple threat of a global pandemic, astronomically high unemployment, and the consequences of persistent racial inequalities that threaten our very humanity. Events of the past several days have underscored the need for change. The ongoing and senseless loss of Black lives is intolerable. Pervasive discrimination against historically underrepresented groups is unacceptable. The violence gripping our country is mentally, physically and spiritually destructive.

We’ve reached a flashpoint in this country, and the Cowlitz-Wahkiakum region is no exception. We are aware of local, racist social media posts condoning violence. We reject such expressions of racism and violence. As an institution of higher learning, we  investigate all reports of discrimination and harassment in a timely manner, and are appreciative of the individuals who call potential violations to our attention. Actions taken based on conduct investigations are generally confidential under the law.

I want to be clear that any and all content promoting violence or discrimination is contrary to the mission, vision, and values of this institution. It is imperative that we promote--as individuals and a college community - our shared values of integrity, respect, collaboration, cooperation and inclusion. I invite you to stand with me in opposition to the things that undermine our values, especially racism, hatred and violence.

If you are concerned about bias, discrimination or racism, please Make a Report and our Bias Response Team will work to respond quickly and appropriately.

Students who need support through this difficult time are encouraged to contact our counseling department at or

Employees in need of support are encouraged to access the Employee Assistance Program.

I urge everyone in the LCC community to take the time to increase your understanding of the implications surrounding today’s issues, and learn more about what you can do to address racial and other systemic inequities. To get started, please consider reviewing the resources below (many thanks to Skagit Valley College for sharing the information).

Thank you for listening, and for considering the request to stand with me against racism, hatred and violence.

Chris Bailey, President