LCC Drama Releases Final Fall 2020 Projects Friday

LCC Drama Releases Final Fall 2020 Projects Friday

Tattoo Filming

LCC Grad Akitora Ishii filming student Francisco Santana in The Story About the Tattoo in Center Stage Theatre.

The final projects of the LCC Fall Drama Season will be released this Friday at 5 pm.  They include a short film of Karen Zacarías’ play, The Story About the Tattoo, and a voice recording of Jenny Chu’s poem, This Year as Elegy, commissioned for The LCC Forsberg Art Gallery’s Fall 2020 art show, A Quiet Stand.  A Quiet Stand, curated by Jennie Castle, is an exhibition of women artists from across the country and celebrates art as a form of nonviolent, silent resistance.  Chu’s prose poem is performed by Katrina Shaw.

Filmed and edited by 2017 LCC Grad Akitora Ishii who completed his BA in Theater last spring at PSU, The Story About the Tattoo is the whimsical tale of a writer (Francisco Santana) who encounters an eccentric woman (Alina Mirgorodskaya) and her son (Marcello Baeza) while on a cross country flight to San Diego.  Andrew Gomes plays the flight attendant and Ashley Jenkins another passenger on the plane.  Filmed in Center Stage Theater with social distancing and masks, it features Joy Cowan’s artwork.

The season started in mid-November with a reading of Native Gardens, filmed in Center Stage Theater with social distancing and masks.  Karen Zacarías’comedy explores race, class and privilege as the del Valles (Francisco Santana and Lindsey Carrigg) find themselves at odds with their neighbors, the Butleys (Ryan Mielcarek and Ashley Jenkins) over a backyard fence.  Katrina Shaw read the stage directions. Two weeks later came Now We’re Really Getting Somewhere by Kristina Halvorson, a zoom meeting gone wrong with Elizabeth Stol, Robert duPlessis Jr, Katrina Shaw, and Ariana Morvee.  Production Stage Manager and Assistant Stage Manager for all the pieces are Ariana Morvee and Casey Halleck. 

Negotiation for performance rights allows for limited performance dates, so just as in the world of live theater, once the performance dates are over, the plays are no longer available to be viewed.  Don’t miss the last weekend of performances! Tune in.

Learn more about the becoming involved in The Act One Drama Club and the Drama Program.  For more information contact Betsy Richard, Theater Director and Drama Instructor at

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