Three LCC Students Named to 2024 All Washington Academic Team

Micah Boursaw, Isha Sarah Snow, and Lillian Williams-Chambers, members of the 2024 All Washington Academic Team, were recognized at a ceremony in Lacey, WA on April 25, 2024.

The program is a showcase for Washington's community and technical colleges because it honors the academic high achievers; students who have demonstrated a commitment to success in the classroom and in the communities where they live. This recognition demonstrates the state's commitment to scholarship and community service on the part of those attending the state's public community and technical colleges.

State team members are nominated by their community college presidents. Each All-Washington Academic Team member typically receives a scholarship funded by program sponsors (funding in any given year is determined by program sponsors). The state's public baccalaureate institutions and several private colleges also offer scholarships to award-winning transfer students.

photo of Micah Boursaw

Micah Boursaw

Micah Boursaw is a music major planning to graduate in June. After completing her degree at LCC, Micah will attend Western Oregon University in Monmouth to continue her studies in music. Her career goal is to be a musician, as a performer, and hopefully a composer as well. She is a volunteer member of the percussion section with the Southwest Washington Symphony. Micah has two types of synesthesia, Grapheme-Color synesthesia and Ordinal Linguistic Personification.

photo of Isha Sarah Snow

Isha Sarah Snow

Isha Sarah Snow recently returned to college to complete a degree in psychology after 20 years away raising children, escaping domestic violence, and enduring two bouts of breast cancer. She plans to transfer to either CWU’s Honor College or WSU-V to continue her studies in psychology. Her career goal is to create a non-profit to provide housing and on-site services for autistic and neurodivergent adults. She is active with her local community garden and food bank.

Photo of Lillian Williams-Chambers

Lillian Williams-Chambers

Lillian Williams-Chambers is an Electrical and Computer Engineering student planning to graduate in late 2025 or early 2026. Her career goal is to work for a local Public Utility District as an engineering technician. Lillian is very involved with her church, volunteering primarily with youth in grades 6-12. In addition to her love of math and creating things with her hands, Lillian enjoys spending time outside jogging, playing tennis, and just enjoying the scenery.