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Frequently Asked Questions about the LCC Nursing Program

I want to become a registered nurse. What do I do?

Contact Registration and Entry Services to schedule an advising appointment. The advisor will assist you with developing an academic plan.

Registration and Entry Services Information

Academic Plan for Associate in Nursing DTA/MRP

How can I prepare for the admission exams?

Admission Exams Information

I am a nursing assistant-registered. Can I still apply?

No. You must be currently certified by either Washington or Oregon.

I am currently enrolled in a course that ends after the application deadline. Can I apply?

Yes. However, only completed courses may be used in calculating course points for admission.

I will be taking the Nursing Assistant state tests close to the application deadline. Can I still apply?

Yes, as long as you attach proof that you passed both the written and skills tests. The documentation will be given to you by the examiner at the time of testing.

How will I know if the course I took at another college is the equivalent of the LCC requirements?

Please see Course Equivalencies for Nursing. Course credit requirements must be met. An official transcript evaluation must be completed to confirm equivalence.

I took the admission tests but did not qualify. Can I retake one of the tests or both tests?

You can take the admission tests once every six months.

Is all coursework online? Do students have to come to campus?

The theory courses are online, and the clinical courses are completed at assigned locations.

Students must attend a mandatory orientation on campus (one day) at the beginning of the program.

The skills lab course (NURS 246) is hybrid with on-campus classes held for two weeks in June.

Clinical/practicum is completed during July and August and requires 40 hours/week, generally Monday through Thursday.

How is testing in the courses completed?

All course tests are completed online. We utilize Honor Lock for proctoring services. Students are responsible for associated fees.

Do clinical hours from my Practical Nurse program count toward the required 1,000 hours of work experience?

No. The 1,000 hours must be as an LPN. Because the clinical component is completed after all coursework, current experience as an LPN within the last three years is necessary for student success in clinical.

Is it possible to complete this program while working full-time?

Yes, it is possible, but not easy! You must be motivated, organized, and self-directed. The course work requires about 30 hours a week.

Is there an expiration or time limit on the required pre-requisite/support courses?


What are the application deadlines, and when will I know if I have been accepted?

Please see the Application Dates section of the Nursing Program Application Forms page.

What are the pass rates for the program?

Please see the Nursing Program Student Achievement Data.

Is there a waiting list to get in?

We do not maintain a wait list. To be considered for admission, students must apply during each application cycle. Admission is competitive and based on admission points.

How can I prepare for the LPN2RN nursing admission exams?

For the LPN Transitions Assessment, we recommend any NCLEX-PN review book. A study guide for the TEAS is available from the bookstore or ATI.

Is there a deadline for applications to the LPN Entry to Campus-Based Program?

Yes. Applications are accepted between April 15 and June 30. In August we admit qualified applicants for the upcoming academic year (Fall-Winter-Spring quarters) on a space-available basis. Generally, we have 4-6 spaces for each quarter.

What if I am not selected? May I reapply?

Yes, you may re-apply for the next academic year.

Do all the support courses need to be completed before applying?


How can I prepare for the LPN2RN nursing admission exams?

For the LPN Transitions Assessment, we recommend any NCLEX-PN review book. A study guide for the TEAS is available from the bookstore or ATI.

How do I schedule the nursing admission exams?

Once your application has been received and reviewed, you will be contacted to schedule the admissions testing on campus.

I completed the LPN Transitions Assessment and/or TEAS exams before. Do I need to retake these tests?

If you have taken the LPN Transitions Assessment or TEAS exam within one year of your application, you can submit those scores. The fee charged by ATI for this service is the student's responsibility (approximately $35). Contact ATI to have the scores released to LCC.

Contact Nursing Programs

We are located on the second floor of the Health & Science Building. Stop by during regular office hours, or call (360) 442-2860 to make an appointment. For a full list of all nursing faculty and staff, please see our Contact Us page.

General Healthcare Program Inquiries

  Health & Science Building, 2nd floor
   (360) 442-2860
Fax: (360) 442-2879

Nursing Program Inquiries

  Bev Ylen, Program Coordinator
  (360) 442-2860

Nursing Program Advising

  Donovan Tate, Health Careers Specialist
  (360) 442-2351

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