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One-Stop Center

The One-Stop Center provides one-on-one assistance to new and returning students who are going through the admissions process at Lower Columbia College.

Meet the One-Stop Center Team

 Picture of Jenny Smith

Jenny Smith

Student Success Coordinator

Jenny has worked at LCC since 1998. She has an Associates degree from LCC, and has worked in multiple departments, such as Business and Industry Services, Adult Basic Education, Community Education, Testing, Admissions, Student Services and Career & Employment Services. She has extensive knowledge of and has assisted with financial aid applications, resume and cover letter reviews, mock interviews, financial aid appeals, admission and onboarding processes and scholarships.

“College is easier if you know where to go! Let us help you locate and complete applications for scholarships, admissions, refresher classes, appeals, aid requests, orientation, additional resources, and even future vision. Colleges feel the enrollment process is an easy step-by-step process, but sometimes it feels like you have to be a break dancer to perform all the steps. LCC has wonderful instructors who care about our students! We have a mission that impacts our entire community. Stay focused on your education; get help with the incoming process.” ~Jenny

 Picture of Kristy Gutierrez

Kristy Gutierrez

One-Stop Center & Retention Manager

Kristy has been working at LCC for 2 years as an Education Planner/Transfer Advisor, before moving into the manager role. She has a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Washington State University. Prior to her time at LCC, she worked for Washington State University for over 10 years, as an Academic Advisor at multiple campuses.

"Teaching students how to navigate the college and transfer process, has always been a passion of mine. Being a First Generation student myself, I understand how important it is to find someone at the college who can help you walk through the many processes it takes to get started and to do well in college. With the One-Stop Center, we hope to provide the one-on-one assistance with all of the steps students need to take to get started at LCC, and to provide continued support during their time here." ~ Kristy

One-Stop Center

 The One-Stop Center provides one-on-one assistance to new and returning students who are going through the admissions process at Lower Columbia College.

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