Meet the One-Stop Staff

One-Stop Center

The One-Stop Center provides one-on-one assistance to new and returning students who are going through the admission and onboarding process at Lower Columbia College.

Meet the One-Stop Center Team


Breoni Coalman

Student Success Coordinator

Bre began working at LCC in the One-Stop Center, in 2022. She attended LCC in the Running Start program in 2011 and received her AA degree. She then transferred to Washington State University in Pullman, Washington and received her bachelor’s degree in Humanities with a primary concentration in English. Bre’s professional background includes work in the social services sector. In her spare time, Bre enjoys growing flowers and making flower arrangements for staff and students to enjoy when they visit the One-Stop Center.

"Being a first generation college student myself, navigating the college system was often challenging. In my role as a Student Success Coordinator, I get to play an integral role in helping to ensure student success through every step of the enrollment and financial aid process."




Photo of Jonna Mallery

Jonna Mallery

Student Success Coordinator

Jonna began working at LCC in 2019 as a student employee through work-study in the Advising Department. Since then, she has moved into the One-Stop Center as a Student Success Coordinator. During the time she has been with LCC, she has assisted students with all aspects of the admissions process including applying for admissions, new student orientation, placement testing, applying for and understanding financial aid, and scheduling advising appointments. While working at LCC, she was also attending as a student. In 2021, she earned an Associate’s degree in Business.

“I am a first-generation student that began my educational pursuits as a parent to middle and high school children. The uncertainty and anxiety associated with earning an education is real but can be overcome with tools and resources available to all students. Navigating the admissions process can be intimidating but with a little guidance, you’ll soon have earned the education of your dreams! At the One-Stop Center we can assist you with everything from creating an email account and applying for admissions, to applying for financial aid and finding resources to help you succeed. LCC has support available for you every step of the way, from your first visit, to walking across that stage to receive your diploma, certificate, or degree. Let me help you walk across the stage!” ~Jonna


Picture of Kristy Gutierrez

Kristy Gutierrez

One-Stop Center & Retention Manager

Kristy began working at LCC in 2017 as an Education Planner/Transfer Advisor, before the One-Stop Center opened and moving into the manager role in 2019. She has a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Washington State University. Prior to her time at LCC, she worked for Washington State University for over 10 years, as an Academic Advisor at multiple campuses. Outside of work she enjoys cake decorating, creating videos and spending time with her family.

"Teaching students how to navigate the college and transfer process, has always been a passion of mine. Being a First Generation student myself, I understand how important it is to find someone at the college who can help you walk through the many processes it takes to get started and do well in college. With the One-Stop Center, we hope to provide the one-on-one assistance with all of the steps students need to take to get started at LCC, and to provide continued support during their time here." ~ Kristy


The One-Stop Center is also supported by a wonderful team of Student Employees, who dedicate their time to learning all of LCC's processes, and helping fellow students one-on-one.

One-Stop Center

 The One-Stop Center provides one-on-one assistance to new and returning students who are going through the admissions process at Lower Columbia College.

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