Helping job-seekers improve their skill-sets and training credentials so that they may enter, re-enter, or advance in the workforce as qualified employees.

Workforce Education offers a variety of pathways to earn a degree or certificate with an emphasis on in-demand occupations.

Apply for Workforce Education

Step 1: Find out which programs you qualify for

Start Next Quarter

Take the short, free and anonymous survey through Start Next Quarter to find out if you are eligible for LCC's Workforce Education programs. If your results list any programs, make sure you take the next step and get in touch to attend a workshop (step 2).

Step 2: Attend an Orientation Workshop


At the orientation workshop, we confirm your eligibility and tell you more about our funding programs including career exploration, academic advising, and detailed steps on how to get started.

To enroll in an orientation workshop, please provide your contact information at the end of the survey you took in step 1.

Having trouble?

Contact to confirm your appointment.

Step 3: Complete the Workforce Universal Application


Once your eligibility is confirmed and you've learned which programs you qualify for, complete the Workforce Universal Application. This final step will sign you up for any of the relevant Workforce Education programs listed below. 

Having trouble?

Contact with questions or problems with the application process.


Contact Workforce Education

Questions and Support

  Ariana Muro

  (360) 442-2332

Application Assistance

  Dan Nunes

  (360) 442-2620

Help Navigating the Programs

  Steven Boyer

  (360) 442-2335

  Joy Yolangco


Institutional Assistance

  Dani Trimble

  (360) 442-2622