Start your math classes at the right level!

Math placement determines the level at which to begin your math courses at LCC. Placement can be anywhere from Math 50 to Math 151. Placing below your actual abilities will cost you time (up to three quarters!) and money (up to $1,725 in tuition alone!).

The test consists of four timed, sequential assessments (not multiple choice) done on the computer.

Students who plan to earn a degree or certificate at LCC, or who plan to transfer to a four-year institution, must complete placement testing or equivalent before enrolling.

  Testing Center Hours:

No appointment needed for Placement testing! General Testing Hours: M-Th: 10 am - 5 pm in the Admissions Center Testing Lab. Closed for testing on Friday. If you need accommodations, please contact Disability Support Services, 360.442.2340.

Prepare for your Math Placement Test

Options available for students of all math levels:

Math Boot Camp

Designed for: Beginner Level Math students (Math 50-88). Signup required, click above

  • Math Boot Camp helps you review basic math concepts and become familiar with LCC's online math lab.
  • You will practice study skills and review testing strategies.
  • Math Boot Camps are designed and led by LCC math instructors. 
  • Math Boot Camp attendees get a 3rd retest. Please see our retest policy below.

YouPrep Online Math Practice

Designed for: All Math levels. Signup required, click above.

  • YouPrep is a free online math placement preparation course created by LCC faculty.
  • You will review whole numbers, integers, decimals, fractions, linear equations and graphs, systems of equations, factoring, quadratics, radicals, and rationals.
  • YouPrep users who achieve at least 3 hours of online practice will receive a 3rd retest. Please see Math Placement Policies and Recommendations (below).

Math Achievement Center (MAC)

Designed for: Advanced Math Level Students (Math 98-College Level)

Location: Applied Arts Building, Computer Lab 2 (Room 110).
Hours: Open walk-in hours: M-Th, 2 - 4 pm

  • The MAC lab accommodates math students who are trying to test into more advanced levels. You have the opportunity to get hands-on help from an instructor or trained tutor.
  • MAC lab users who achieve at least 3 hours of in-person practice will received a 3rd retest. Please see Math Placement Policies and Recommendations (below).

Math Sample Content Packets

Designed for: All Math Levels

Printable packets to help you self-assess your math placement readiness.

Math Practice Websites

Designed for: All Math Levels

External online resources to brush up on your math skills.

Math Placement Policies and Recommendations

  • Course placements are mandatory. Be sure to adequately prepare yourself prior to testing.
  • You are allowed one retake. You must wait 24 hours before retesting.
  • Placement results expire after two years. 

Information about math tests and how to select a college level math course

Charts and information provided by LCC math instructors.

Alternatives to Math Placement Testing

Lower Columbia College has several alternatives to the math placement exam. Please examine the table below to see if you meet any of the criteria.

Alternative Required Score/Grade Eligible for the following courses
GED Math Exam 165 - 200 MATH 098, MATH& 107, MATH& 131,
MATH 210, or BUS 206
BEdA/ABE BEdA Placement Grid

MATH 78 - 98, MATH& 107, MATH& 131,
MATH 210, or MATH& 141

Contact the Testing Center

We look forward to serving you! The Testing Center is conveniently located in the Admissions Center. No appointment is needed. Our hours are M-Th: 10 am 5 pm. Closed for testing on Fridays. If you need accommodations please contact Disability Support Services, 360.442.2340.

 Angel Ruvalcaba/Program Specialist II

  Admissions Center (Testing Center)
  360.442.2353, Fax: 360.442.2359

Testing Office (General Inquiries)


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