Math Placement Resources

Topics Covered on the Math Placement Test

Designed for: All Math levels

Document outline of each section of Math Placement Test

Math Boot Camp

Designed for: Beginner Level Math students (CCP - MATH 088). Signup required, click above

  • Math Boot Camp helps you review basic math concepts and become familiar with LCC's online math lab.
  • You will practice study skills and review testing strategies.
  • Math Boot Camps are designed and led by LCC math instructors.
  • Math Boot Camp attendees get a 3rd retest. Please see our retest policy below.

YouPrep Online Math Practice

Designed for: All Math levels. Log in to your account, click above for instructions.

  • YouPrep is a free online math placement preparation course created by LCC faculty.
  • You will review whole numbers, integers, decimals, fractions, linear equations and graphs, systems of equations, factoring, quadratics, radicals, and rationals.
  • YouPrep users who achieve at least 3 hours of online practice will receive a 3rd retest. Please see Math Placement Policies and Recommendations (below).

Math Practice Websites

Designed for: All Math Levels

External online resources to brush up on your math skills.

How to select a college level math course

Designed for: All Math Levels. Provided by LCC math faculty.

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