Office of the President

Issued: October 31, 2018

Dear Campus Community,

This is an update about the rally organized by an outside group regarding Washington Initiative 1639, which expands regulation of firearms. Reports indicate the event will occur Friday, November 2, between 10:00 and 11:30 am on campus.

We have opted to keep the campus open during the event; however, we are doing our best to ensure students, faculty and staff have options if they choose not to come to campus. Our inquiries with both Washington State University-Vancouver, and Clark College, into similar events held there, disclosed that the events there were small in numbers and went without incident.

LCC's limited public forum area is outdoors in the quad area, in front of the Admissions Building. Demonstrators are restricted from our buildings and are prohibited by law and college policy from behavior that disrupts campus operations.

While we are required to comply with Washington state laws regarding expressive activities, campus safety is our top priority. Extra Security staff will be present Friday throughout the rally. We are coordinating with local law enforcement to ensure that any non-peaceful activity, should it occur, is handled swiftly.

Some faculty have received inquiries about canceling classes. Faculty members who make that choice have a responsibility to communicate with their students in advance by email or through Canvas, and should inform staff in the Office of Instruction as well. You might consider alternative course delivery as an option that day.

Students who elect not to come to campus due to safety or other concerns are responsible for contacting their faculty members and/or supervisors in advance. We would like to request that faculty members not penalize students who opt to stay off campus on Friday.

Staff* who elect not to come to campus on Friday should inform their supervisor in advance and complete the appropriate paperwork.

Just a reminder that employees, including paid student workers, cannot organize or participate in protests during scheduled work time.

Our best advice on Friday is not to engage with protesters. We take the gravity of this event and the potential of conflict between opposing groups causing harm to our community very seriously. As we continue to monitor the situation closely, we will communicate quickly if anything changes.

If you do not feel safe walking outside on Friday, avoid the quad area, walk with a group, and contact Security at (360) 442-2911 if you feel threatened or would like an escort.

Please report any concerning or threatening behavior immediately using our online ‘Make a Report’ tool.

We are a community—students, faculty and staff—and we pledge to balance free-speech interests with concern for the safety of our constituents and community while maintaining our values of integrity, respect, collaboration, cooperation, inclusion and innovation.


Chris Bailey, President

*classified and exempt staff