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The field of criminal justice encompasses a wide-range of law enforcement and legal professions including police and detectives, probation officers and correctional treatment, private investigators, and a variety of legal and/or support occupations.


Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Modern law enforcement is a highly competitive career field. The more education you have, the better your chance of employment and advancement. Prepare for entry-level employment in law enforcement agencies and in some correctional facilities. People working within those areas can use the program to enhance their skills. Bachelor's degree options are available through the Lower Columbia Regional University Center.

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Program Planners

Criminal Justice

Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

Criminal Justice for City University

Associate in Applied Sciences - Transfer (AAS-T)

Criminal Justice Focus for City University

Associate in Arts - Direct Transfer Agreement (AA-DTA)

Criminal Justice Focus

Associate in Arts - Direct Transfer Agreement (AA-DTA)

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