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By Laws

Academic Standards Committee of Lower Columbia College

  1. The Academic Standards Committee is a standing committee of the Student Services Council.
  2. The Academic Standards Committee reports to the Vice President of Student Services on academic matters.
  3. Suggested academic policy revisions shall be submitted to the Instructional Council.

Mission Statement

  1. Ensure that student petitions for waivers and substitutions meet the college curricular requirements for each program, certificate or degree.
  2. Ensure that student petitions for waivers and substitutions meet course requirements for programs within each discipline, transfer degree programs and requirements set by the college and the state.
  3. Be responsible for reinstatement of students whose grades have fallen below the requirements of the college by setting academic limitations for improving grades and providing academic intervention when required.
  4. Ensure that requests for variance from curriculum course requirements meet the intent of the requirement.
  5. Hear and act upon student appeals and grievances of an academic nature.
  6. Make recommendations to the Instructional Council for changes in academic policy.


  1. Committee membership consists of an academic employee elected from each instructional department, the Vice President of Student Services, and a student body representative. The Registrar serves on the committee as a non-voting ex-officio.
  2. Membership is for three academic years.
  3. One-third of the committee is elected at the beginning of each academic year.
  4. The committee is chaired by a faulty member of the committee.
    1. The members of the committee elect the Chairperson at the first meeting of the fall quarter.
    2. Term of office is one year.
  5. The committee determines the sub-committee membership whose term is one year.



  1. Chair all meetings of the committee.
  2. Provide the agenda for the meetings.
  3. Serve as the committee representative for actions taken by the committee.
  4. Consult with the Vice President of Student Services as required for clarification in Academic Standards Committee matters.
  5. Provide a record of all action taken to necessary college staff members.
  6. Chair the yearly evaluation of the Academic Standards Committee Operational Guidelines.

Vice President of Student Services

  1. Act as the committee representative at the Student Services Council meetings and report to the committee on academic standards actions taken.
  2. Authority to act on all student academic reinstatement requests using the committee established guidelines.
  3. In the absence of the chairperson, chair the committee meeting.
  4. Consult with the chairperson on matters that may be of concern to the committee.


  1. Appointed by the Vice President of Student Services.
  2. Notifies committee members of meeting dates and arranges meeting place.
  3. Takes notes at all meetings and prepares and disseminates the minutes of the meeting to all committee members.
  4. Initiates correspondence to students as a result of actions of the committee, subcommittee, or the chairperson.
  5. Maintains the records of all meetings and Academic Standards Committee Petitions.
  6. Maintains the permanent committee archive file and posts minutes on the college website.
  7. Receives all Academic Standards Committee Petitions from students and collects college documentation as needed.
  8. Provides Academic Standards Committee Petitions and documentation to the appropriate sub-committee members.
  9. Acts as a liaison with the students for the committee.


  1. Determined by committee members for a term of one year.
  2. Meets twice a month as necessary.
  3. Reviews student petitions and approves or denies requests as supported by provided documentation, academic guidelines, and/or division faculty members or deans.


  1. Committee meets monthly as needed to act upon student academic matters.
  2. The committee meets a minimum of once each quarter during the academic year.
  3. The chairperson conducts the meetings. In the absence of the chairperson the Vice President of Student Services chairs the meeting.
  4. A subcommittee, which is comprised of three committee volunteers, the Registrar, and the Secretary, meets twice monthly as needed during the academic year to review student petitions.

Rules of Procedure

  1. The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure by Alice Sturgis governs parliamentary procedure.
  2. Additional Lower Columbia College established rules and procedures as applicable.
  3. A quorum consists of two-thirds of the membership.
  4. The academic year is fall, winter and spring quarters.


  1. For voting, a simple majority of the membership present is required to take an action.
  2. A quorum for academic grievance meetings consists of at least 50% of the faculty members on the committee.
  3. See Administrative Policies, Faculty Rights.

Review Process

  1. The committee reviews the Academic Standards Committee Operational Guidelines yearly.
  2. The review includes all changes initiated by the committee during the academic year.
  3. The committee determines the review process and sub-committee membership.


The Secretary for the Academic Standards Committee:

  1. Keeps Student Academic Standards Committee Petitions for two years.
  2. Keeps the minutes of the Academic Standards Committee for five years.
  3. Posts the minutes on the college website.

Approval: Academic Standards Committee 10/07/1999; Instructional Council 10/12/1999.

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