Transferring Credits

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Transferring Credits

Transferring Credits from Another Institution Whose Accreditation is Accepted at LCC

Student who has previously attended another college or university may want to have the credits earned at that school accepted toward meeting the degree requirements at our college.

Transfer Credit

Procedure for Transfer Credit Evaluation Acceptance of Credits

  1. Student ensures that the Registration Office has received an official copy of the transcript. Unofficial transcripts are not accepted.
  2. Student applies to the Registration Office to have credits evaluated and accepted as equivalent to LCC course requirements.
  3. The Registration Office processes the acceptance of the transfer course[s].

Evaluation of credits

The Registration Office evaluates credits for transfer from another institution to LCC using the credit value awarded at the sending institution. The Registration Office administers all student transfer credit requests.

Computation of Transfer Credits with LCC equivalent

  1. Credit for course[s] from other institutions of higher learning that transfer as 4.0 credits or more are accepted as fulfilling a 5 credit course requirement if course[s] are considered equivalent and meet all LCC curriculum requirements.
  2. Student receives transfer credits for the class and is considered to have met the requirements of the class.
  3. Student must still meet the college requirement of 90 credits for graduation.

The Registration Office administers the acceptance of the course. The student is responsible for ensuring any remaining credits are completed, to fulfill the total credits earned graduation requirement.

Computation of Transfer Courses without LCC equivalent 

  1. Student petitions the committee for acceptance of the course by using the Academic Standards Committee Petition form.
  2. Student should include pertinent information such as course or catalog description and syllabus for the course.
  3. Student should include support statement and signature from an LCC faculty member in the department of the course being petitioned for acceptance.

The chairperson or designee has authority to act upon the request based upon the course meeting applicable LCC requirements.

Reverse Transfer Degree

Students follow the procedure below to be considered for reverse transfer degree:

  1. Student submits an official copy of transcripts from each institution attended and a Transcript Evaluation Request form (Institutions must be accredited by a body accepted by LCC).
  2. Student submits an application for graduation by the published deadline for the quarter.
  3. If the students meets the criteria to have their last quarter enrollment waived, the Registration office shall waive the requirement.
  4. The Academic Standards committee handles requests that do not meet the requirements listed in Academic Standards Operating Guidelines.
  5. The student is notified in writing if they have met the requirements to graduat If they have not met the requirements, the notification will included any remaining requirements to be met.

The Registration Office is authorized to process requests for reverse transfer degree as outlined above.


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