Section 325 - Field Trips

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Section 325 - Field Trips

The College encourages off-campus class activities such as field trips and attendance at professional productions within the limitations of the resources available. No such activities shall take place without prior written consent of the President or the President's designee.

All students participating in an off-campus activity must complete an Informed Acknowledgment of and Consent to Trip Hazards and Risks form before leaving. One form may be used for seasonal activities. A student under the age of 18 must obtain parent or guardian signature on the form. It will be the responsibility of the activity advisor or instructor to see that these forms are completed and kept on file for the current academic year.

Historic Information

  • Reviewed by Executive Leaadership Team: June 19, 2019 (requires further review)
  • Reviewed by the Cabinet and Leadership Team - November 2008
  • Campus Review - February 1-22, 2009
  • Adopted - February 23, 2009
    • Replaces policy 407 revised and approved - February 2003


Resource/Reference/Procedure Title Unit Responsibility
Informed Acknowledgment of Risk Form   VP Instruction
Travel - Prior Approval for Travel   VP Instruction
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